Sharks are known for their nimbleness, agility and focus that propel them forward and build relationships that endure a lifetime even if their habitats change. SalezShark amplifies the same traits for your business.

SalezShark is a platform built to drive hyper automation through the demand generation funnel, a low effort User Experience that increases engagement and efficiency in sales operations and intelligent personalization to facilitate customer centricity.


Founded in 2015, today SalezShark is a growing family of 80+ personnel assisting more than 300 customers in 3 different countries. SalezShark Software India Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of SalezShark Inc dedicated to transform the CRM space. We are based in India and delivers cloud-based sales and marketing applications to medium and large organizations, at an affordable price. It is a next gen platform for sales that aims at nurturing connections as we believe strong business relationships are the key to increased sales. SalezShark is a cutting-edge Customer Intelligence platform, equipped with the end to end sales and marketing automation features to help you reap maximum productivity. From recommending you the right leads to work on to doubling your lead conversion, it offers an innovative way for businesses of all sizes with its great management capabilities.



SalezShark is a cloud-based sales and marketing automation that assist companies to get the real-time insights, improve lead conversion by 300% and deliver 100% omni-channel customer support. Powered by predictive analytics and Relationship Intelligence, it gives you an edge over the others as it helps you nurture your client relationships through every sales stage. Its unique Relationship Cloud enables you to truly understand your customers, enabling you to deliver tailored services and meet organizational goals in much lesser time.


Team Structure

The awesome SalezShark team is backed by experienced sales, marketing & technical professionals who aspire to deliver best customer experience at every business stage. From the initial phase of your first free trial to setting up your sales account, we believe in 360-degree customer support.



SalezShark helps you cut through the clutter with the most actionable insights and data. SalezShark also offers a better price point which can reduce more than 50% of your cost. We streamline your sales process effectively and assist saving millions of dollars as well as your precious time.

Our Evolution Journey

  • 2020



    Geo Expansion to Canada & Asia Signed First Federal account for Future Skill India & Apprenticeship program
  • 2019

    Recognised as top player in Sales Automation by G2 & Capterra Signed First ‘Fortune 500’ enterprise customer


  • 2018



    56% Growth Geo Expansion covering (Aus/NZ)
  • 2017

    Recognised as Top Startup By IBM 100+ Customers Acquisitions


  • 2016



    Launched Product in US/India Won National Level account Nasscom
  • 1600+


  • 56%

    Business Growth

  • 95%

    Retention Rate

  • 99%

    Customer Satisfaction

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